Mitsubishi Tredia
Mitsubishi Tredia
Mitsubishi Cordia GSL
The Mitsubishi Tredia is a four door sedan which shared the same drivetrain and 1.6L/1.8L carby engine in naturally aspirated form as the Cordia GSL's. And used the same 1.6L carburated turbo and 90kw  Sirius 1.8L ECI TD05 turbo as the Cordia GSR in turbo spec. 
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Mitsubishi Tredia Turbo
Mitsubishi Tredia Turbo
S-African Tredia Turbo's used the same 13 inch wheels as the Australian AA GSR Cordia's
CAR -1984 South African Performance Car magazine
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The Tredia also came in All Wheel Drive versions. But Unlike the AWD Cordia Turbo. The AWD Tredia was available in both 1.8 Naturally aspirated and 1.8L turbo models. 
Tredia 4WD
Tredia 4WD Specs